The Empire Coffee House is open from early to late.

When the Adventure Hotel reopened to rave reviews in the New York Times, one of the kinda cool things we couldn’t wait to show off was our newest addition to the Nelson cafe scene. Already famous for having one of the densest per capita cafe to population ratios in North America, Nelson loves its cafes and thrives in that caffeinated atmosphere.

What’s Your Favourite Cascadian Beverage?

So adding another place for Nelsonites to meet up and take in their favourite Cascadian beverages was no job for slackers. And, with the Empire Coffee House operational new for a few months, we feel confident that we’ve met our targets.

We made a few key decisions that set us apart from other cafes, adding to the choice in Nelson. First, we’re open from 6:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night. Well enough time to cover all the major times in the day you need a certain beverage or tasty snack.

Second, notice we keep using the term beverage. We decided to go horizontal a bit: We’re expanding the offerings of a typical cafe by serving coffee, tea, beer and wine.

Choose Your Poison & Time of Day (or Night)

And again, not just any beverages, but Cascadian beverages. Pulling from Portland, Vancouver, and of course our local organic brewery here in Nelson, we’re offering a bit of diversity in the choice of what to drink.

Our coffee is Stumptown, hailing from Portland, Oregon. With a reputation for quality and ethical awareness, Stumptown seemed like a solid Cascadian choice for Empire. Tea hails from Vancouver and again — The Tea Guy loves his tea. We think you will too. Beer, well when it comes to beer, we don’t have to go far to offer delicious organic choice and are proud to serve Nelson Brewing Company beers to our guests.

The Empire Coffee House Awaits

We hope to see you soon, whether early in the morning or a bit later in the evening. Study, relax, unwind or visit with friends.